Keri Cheng


Contact Information View My Work Portfolio at: Email: [email protected] Cell: 303-861-6456 Specialties: Business consultation and marketing strategy; designing logo and branding, packaging system, corporate collateral system, front-end Web Design (with HTML and CSS, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Bootstrap), illustration and more. I am a Communication Designer seeking an opportunity to design for graphics, marketing, and communication firms. I have design experience with branding for various firms. Such as: * Conifer Power Lab, LLC * Chi Life Denver * Gloria's Cupcake Specialists * White Diamonds * International Business Trust Bank * Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust * Western Gas and Convenience * TED Conference * Dendy's Adventurous Journey I create logos, brands, prints, identity tools, websites and digital productions. In addition, I offer best practices for firms in design excellence, promotions, marketing strategy and concept. My goal is to fulfill the clients needs and to achieve the best design, image, and promotion of products.