Dalton Gruidel


In 2010 I started my own apparel company called "Send It." Was responsible for making vector/digital graphics for screen-printing. Made designs for both the company and freelance clients. Also getting files ready for production for products such as sunglasses or hats. In 2012 I became Graphic design intern and progressed to part-time and freelance work on a variety of different tasks for the following three areas: Graphic Design: Logo design, packaging design, creating promotional graphics for web and social media, web design (design layout, setting up e-commerce and SEO). Advertising: Art direction and copywriting for print and web ad campaigns for different target markets, and maintaining brand identity across campaigns and medias. Event Management: Execution from planning to company launch including set-up, pre-sale, and networking. Goals I want to be well versed in every aspect of a company design wise. My ultimate goal is to one day become a Creative Director. In the mean time I want to become the best possible graphic/production artist I can possibly be.