Cheryl L. Stewart


Presently, working as a contract freelance editor for,, writing resumes and letters for Talent, Inc./RezBiz, doing technical editing for Sarakki, and editing novels for new and experienced authors. Have been writing for over 35 years. Hold dual BS degrees in Counseling Psychology and Organizational Management. Worked for four online publishers as freelance editor/writer and 6 years as a tech editor for mining, aerospace, and transportation management industries, working to specific detailed SOPs (DoD, etc.), which included coded and computerized manuals to be translated and used as international training courses. Worked 3 years as assistant to the Corporate Outplacement Consultant, assisting in downsizing of Coca Cola in CA and AZ. Also worked for 7 years as a Vocational Counselor. Worked with the Calif. Dept. of Voc. Rehab. and was requested to direct a 3-county vocational program that served 60 disabled job seekers daily. Conceptualized, staffed and directed an after-school, Anti-Drug/Anti-Gang Task Force for the City of Azusa, serving 250+ at-risk youth ages 6 to 12. Received a City Award for this highly effective program. Worked with Ontario Police Dept. in the Gang Unit to implement a highly visible and effective anti-gang anti-drug program through a Dept. of Justice grant. Program was awarded California Governor's award. Requested to assist Oregon Steel Mills with renovation/start-up of Fontana Steel Mills, CA. Served as Invention Evaluator and Board Member at the request of the Inventor's Association of America, 1985, and wrote marketing materials for two hotel chains. Specialties: Writing, Editing, Professional Career Search, Conceptualizing, implementing, and directing service programs. Able to bring diverse elements together to form a harmonious and successful outcome. Good research skills.