Jonathan Frazier


Share. Inspire. Grow. These are the drivers at the heart of everything I do both personally and professionally. I do not consider them goals, as my pursuit of these never ceases, but they are a representation of how I want to impact the world and be impacted by it. These drivers were first sparked by my passion for travel which has led me to 22 countries and set me on a life-long path of exploration, inquisition, and personal growth. By immersing myself into diverse cultures and seeing the world through new eyes, I have been fortunate to share in other’s successes – and even challenges, to be inspired by stories unlike my own, and to experience an insatiable growth that makes me the person I am today. I hope that by developing genuine social connections, I am able to have that same impact on others – creating a memorable history together and a better future for one another.

I have a detail oriented entrepreneurial mindset and love to be challenged to solve problems and innovate. My “I’ll figure it out” mentality and a creative side are the driving factors in my obsessive curiosity for life. I have an insatiable desire to learn, and continuously grow and develop in my personal and professional life.

My travels (22+ countries) have been an amazing eye-opening experiences for me. Visiting places like the Arctic Circle, Russia, living in Sweden, Germany and a small village in the French Alps, exploring many of the major cities throughout Europe, North America, and more. I strive to inspire others to explore. I hopes to one day work with a company that inspires and assists others to explore and challenge themselves, both mentally and physically.