Taylor Thomas


Health compromises are not an option, even when traveling: localeikki is a trip planning tool & active travel guide designed to help the millions of active individuals that travel for business & leisure each year. Our database, currently accessible via our website & iPhone/iPad app, helps active individuals make informed decisions on where to play & where to stay based on recommendations from peers: athletes helping athletes. Have you ever been traveling & just wanted to find a good place to run, walk or ride? Or maybe you had a workout to do and would enjoy jumping into a local group’s training session if only you could find one? We have, and did the usual—Google searches, pieced together routes from other sources, jogged aimlessly around a neighborhood only to turn a corner near the end of the run & see a great trail that was RIGHT THERE—if only we (or the hotel concierge!) had known! That’s why we created localeikki. We want to help people be active no matter where they are. localeikki is a database of recreation locations that are publicly accessible and locally recommended. Input an address & your activity choice and localeikki will find local running/cycling locations others have shared. Not only will you know where to go, you'll also know what it looks like & what amenities are available (e.g., bathrooms, drinking water, parking). Want to find a regularly scheduled ride or run? We have that information too! You can find us on the web (localeikki.com) and as an app for your mobile devices (iPhone/iPad now available for download; Android early 2014). Our initial focus is on outdoor endurance activities: run, walk, hike, mountain bike, road cycling. Hopefully folks will find value in this concept and we can expand our recreation offerings in the future! Great places to play exist in communities across the country--localeikki can get you there.