Paige Finlay


Hi, I'm Paige. I’m a 23 year-old beach girl, simultaneously passionate about the casual surf lifestyle and taking the world by storm through adventure. From exploring island life to surfing to expressing myself through fashion and the lifestyle of the sea, I am the true Los Angeles go-getter at heart. I have been pursuing a career in the surf retail industry and social media/marketing in one form or another for nearly seven years (since the age of 17), and after having managed digital content and social media platforms for leading women's surf brand, R O X Y, I cannot think of another field that I could be happier working in! Nearly two years ago, I survived a horrific shark attack while surfing and almost lost my left leg in the fight. This event has been one of my most formative and humbling experiences to date, deepening my maturity, cultivating my passion and enlivening my desire to spread the joy of the lifestyle. Passionate about being set free by the sea, I am eager to inspire young men and women around the world through sports . . . from sand to snow and e v e r y w h e r e in between. I think that I would make an excellent fit in the Surf/Lifestyle Fashion Industry. Please read on (resume attached), and I hope you’ll agree!