Emily Siphene


Emily is an intuitively keen individual with a passion for the world of fashion. As a merchandise product development graduate, she has attained a strong understanding of the product development process and has adapted skills in computer aided design, creating tech packs, basic pattern making, trend & design application, production & sourcing, and merchandise math. She has mastered programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Excel. In addition to these technical design and production expertise, Emily’s professional background in public relations and merchandising has given her insight on the sales, marketing, and merchandising aspects of the industry. Emily has been recognized for her ability to take direction and quickly catch on to new & unfamiliar tasks. She has also been noted for her skills in creative writing and visual communication. Emily's extremely detail oriented and organized characteristics allow her to develop work that is both creative and thorough. Ultimately, Emily’s goal is to explore and experience the many faces of the fashion industry. Whether it is production and design or marketing and PR, her extensive skill set combined with determination will benefit her successfully in any career challenges she encounters.