Kenneth Munck


For the past 21 years I have been relied upon to grow businesses and product lines from the ground up. Without exception I have in every case surpassed goals and KPIs. Regardless of the company and my position I adapted quickly and understood what needed to get done. I have brought financial success to each and every one of the companies I have worked for. At MP3 TechSupport, I have for the past 10 years exceed my annual goals by 20-30% and generated over $10 million in profit due to my ability to not only deliver on goals and KPIs, but to surpass all expectations. When you hire me you accept a skilled professional with 21 years of business understanding, as well as product marketing and management experience. I work very well in a team oriented environment or as an individual. I continually exhibit leadership, expertise, and I consistently exceed goals. I am a wealth generator and contribute to the success of any organization I join. My objective is to obtain a position where I will apply my vast business experience exceeding annual revenue goals. I work dedicatedly to complete each and every task I face to ensure the financial success and growth of the company.