David Damato

David Damato

Sales Account Executive/Minority Owner

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I am currently a liaison between company and client interaction. I've gained experience with processing orders, presenting new product lines, selling closeout orders, shipping/allocating, design, negotiating pricing, reporting and analysis, billing, budgeting, and advocating plans, goals and tasks.

My current professional goal is to reach a senior professional level in sales.

I am also a minority owner for The Pizza Truck Company. I have 4 years experience with promotion and I am responsible for growing the company 400% since inception in 2010.
I helped to staff, market and plan about 200 parties per year for the company and customers.
I maintain and update social media sites with our current news and information.
I assist in catering events and parties for clients.
I've helped franchised 2 trucks to Sbarro, LLC.