Natasha LaGrande


I am ambitious, creative, confident, and coachable with an old-fashioned work ethic and excellent prioritization abilities developed through sales and employed leadership roles throughout the last nine years. I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration/Sports Management, accompanied by a Master’s of Science in Management; as well an Athlete Management Certificate, specializing in compliance, ncaa and naia rules and regulations. I consider myself to be someone that delivers results. I am a self-motivated leader within the realms of sports and sales with a unique insight on both sides of the spectrum as a player (17 years), women's basketball graduare assistant and collegiate coach (4 years), and a results driven sales manager. I attained and surpassed all sales targets as Sales Manager at T-Mobile in the 2012 fiscal year for the first time in the store’s 8 years of existence. I am completely confident I can bring the same skills, knowledge, and work ethic. My athletic compliance training through Sports Management Worldwide courses, coaching experience,management experience, seventeen years of basketball experience, ability to work with people, and completed level of education makes me an excellent candidate to work within any department within the Sports realm. Not only have I played organized school basketball all of my life, I also played AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball for 9 years on a multi-National Championship team for a world class organization, the Michigan Monarchs. Playing for such a successful organization, while traveling all around the USA, and meeting so many different people taught me numerous life lessons; such as discipline, selflessness, togetherness, the ability to work with teams, made me a stronger leader, and helped me to recognize with dedication and hard work I can achieve anything I focus to achieve. I quickly learned the true value of the sport aside from the hardwood.