Julianne Shearer


My name is Julianne Shearer, and I’m an Instructor's Assistant currently through General Assembly's Visual Design remote courses. I provide technical knowledge for industry-led design programs and creating visually compelling and functional design. It's rewarding to provide technical knowledge and industry insight to ultimately empower students to create designs more effectively!

In my spare time, I focus on building product features and creating case studies for app product/ service experiences.

Ultimately, what I enjoy most is the opportunity to use creative thinking to inspire effective research, develop strong design ideas, and effectively implement them.

Research Tools Used:
Google Docs
Pen + Paper

Findings + Site-Mapping Tools Used:
OG sticky notes!

Design + Prototyping Tools Used:
InVision/ Invision Studio

Meeting new people and building relationships is when I shine brightest! I'm a visual and hands-on learner, and I thrive when I'm in an open-minded environment. I definitely perform well when having the freedom to explore in a changing, flexible atmosphere.

JULIANNE'S TOP 5 STRENGTHS (according to Strengthsfinder 2.0, by Tom Rath):
1) Strategic (Determines pathways to get around obstacles; evaluates, selects and strikes)
2) Ideation (Thinks conceptually; is a lover of ideas; craves creativity)
3) Individualization (Appreciates the uniqueness in self & others; is a productive team builder)
4) Input (Holds a strong sense of curiosity; holds appreciation for beauty)
5) Learner (Loves learning; values "the journey").

Work experience: Wag Labs Inc., Red Bull Media House, BeCore Experiential Marketing, & Red Bull North America
Computer skills include: Google docs, Excel, Powerpoint, Prezi, Adobe Photoshop, Avid Interplay Assist, BaseCamp