Julianne Shearer

Julianne Shearer

Recruiting Coordinator

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I attended Chapman University, and will be receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies January 2015. I am currently seeking a full-time position where I can leverage my passion for attracting top talent and maintaining their engagement and development. Meeting new people and building relationships in a dynamic environment is where I shine brightest! I definitely perform well under pressure, and having the freedom to explore in a changing, flexible environment is a must for me. Using creativity and alternative thinking to develop new ideas is important to me.

JULIANNE'S TOP 5 STRENGTHS (according to Strengthsfinder 2.0, by Tom Rath):
1) Strategic (Determines pathways to get around obstacles; evaluates, selects and strikes)
2) Ideation (Thinks conceptually; is a lover of ideas; craves creativity)
3) Individualization (Appreciates the uniqueness in self & others; is a productive team builder)
4) Input (Holds a strong sense of curiosity; holds appreciation for beauty)
5) Learner (Loves learning; values "the journey").

Work experience: Wag Labs Inc., Red Bull Media House, BeCore Experiential Marketing, & Red Bull North America
Computer skills include: Google docs, Excel, Powerpoint, Prezi, Adobe Photoshop, Avid Interplay Assist, BaseCamp