Moulon Marylou


I am a French student of 22 year old at the INSEEC Business School in Paris (100% of the courses are in English). I am currently doing my first year of master in Internatinal Managemet & Purchasing.?I am looking for an internship of 4 to 5 months from the 13th of April available until the 28h of August. I am passionate with the sport industry as i worked last summer for 6 months in Shoreditch at X-Treme Video as a marketing assistant. I currently live in Paris but have a home base Est London (London Field) and come to London once a month. During my studies I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that my courses have provided and my two internship’s experiences in communication and marketing. My internships allowed me to fully utilize my analytical skills and quantitative reasoning being taught in class. After 6 months on the job this experience helped me to learn how to think on my feet while also developing an increased sense of self-confidence. My superior relied on my skills and my work and I was doing the marketing tasks freely.