Lane  Hoffbeck


In my opinion - as an INTJ - time is the most valuable resource God has given me, and I am quite strategic with it. Every day starts with a cup of strong black coffee and always incorporates both work and play. When working, my passion lies in management consulting and educating others about financial literacy, money management, and business / nonprofit consulting strategies ( When playing, my activities of choice are surfing, hiking, running (LA Marathon 2014 - 4:28:21), tennis, or a night at the movie theater. Regardless of the day or activity, all is well with the world when my wife and dog, Finnley, are nearby. Highlights: -Over 3 years experience in a managerial finance role using Excel & Apple Numbers -Over 2 years experience in a management consultant role servicing 7 small businesses & 1 non-profit -Founded and directed a humanitarian project, Incandesce, LLC, which partnered with Bob Goff & Restore International and included hand delivery of solar lantern fulfillment in Gulu, Uganda -Extensive Spanish & international experience living 3+ months in each country: Ecuador, South Africa, and Spain