Santiago Lopez


Innovator | LEADER | Self-Starter …That's Santiago Lopez in three words. Creative extrovert with demonstrated team leadership capabilities seeks a dynamic marketing or product management job, where I can deliver the same dedication and competitive spirit that have earned me national sports championships and academic accolades. My challenges are followed by Successful Solutions. On a short but dynamic career, I have accomplished the goals I've proposed to myself. Creating my own entrepreneurial projects from zero to managing more than eight thousand dollars demonstrate how determination is one of my strong facets. In addition, my broad mind provoked a desire to study abroad and travel to discover new horizons. Yes, I can say Check ?. Place yourself on a soccer or football field. You've got defenders, midfielders, attackers, Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers or Middle linebackers. We always need specific skills to our current jobs, but the ones that really stand out are the players that can accomplish their jobs plus performing over the top all in the field. This polyfunctionality is one of the key aspects you will find in Santiago Lopez. My job is not only to add value to your company but developing the "Out of the box" mentality into the whole new level. Business development is my thing. If you are looking for someone who can create a product/service and market it throughout a clear strategy you are reading the correct profile. I strongly believe that my ambition and experience, combined with my international specialized studies programs and fluency in English and Spanish will be exceptional assets for your team. Academic Accolades > Innorus Effort Award for the best own entrepreneur project Contact I´m constantly in pursuit of new opportunities. You are welcome to reach out to me at [email protected] or (949) 502 1484 Think Different. Cheers from California!