Tyler Frew


From a young age, Tyler has been obsessed with businesses and what makes them successful. He has been involved in many businesses and has learned a lot along the way. Tyler now has a couple solid years of working in business administration and has exceeded in accomplishing company goals. This managerial insight makes him extremely valuable to a management team. He has no trouble creating and being a part of synergistic teams that exceed goals and expectations. With over four years of technical business-to-business sales experience, Tyler has a very high reputation for hitting and exceeding sales goals. As an individual, he has lofty expectations for himself both in business and in his personal life. On average, he has been able to obtain over 300 new account over the past four years of work and has grown certain accounts by over 400%. He is very personable and makes a great manager. He understands what it means to empower his employees and fellow co-workers to become their best selves. He is never satisfied with complacent living. Along with having strong goals, he believes that you need to be happy in life and believe in yourself. This confidence has given him the ability to talk to people easily and make strong relationships built on trust. Because he believes the biggest ingredient to success is found in your attitude, he thinks that anything is possible with hard work and the right perspective. Tyler has learned that the key to any business is based on relationships and hard work.