Nichole Hayes


Nichole Hayes is a 25 year old California native that loves to work hard and make the work place a great environment to work in. She's had the luxury of working as a model since 15 but has put that career on the back burner to make more time learning about business and writing music. After a brief period in Los Angeles pursuing her first loves of music and acting , she has moved back to her hometown in Orange County to be closer to her family and getting hired in the customer service field. She has a fun-loving work energy and always strives to go above and beyond when it comes to business but still tries to find times to play guitar and songwrite with her spare time as well as learning to cook healthy vegetarian/vegan meals. She will handle any challenge that is put in front of her and thrives during pressure and stressful situation. She treats her co-workers like family and she is the first to crack a joke or laugh at herself. If you are looking for a hard working, caring and dependable advocate for your business, you need not look any further. Any job opportunities, please contact Nichole at [email protected] Nichole currently does modeling part time in LA, OC, and SD and is signed with Exalt Modeling Agency in San Francisco.