Ta'a Pyland


CAD/3D Design - Modelling / Lighting / Texturing - Animation - 3D Printing / CAM - Rapid Prototyping Design - Graphic (Started with Corel Draw 2, wrked my way from Photoshop 4 to CS 6). - Product/Packaging - Industrial - Web CryptoCurrencies - Bitcoin Mining (FPGA & ASIC) - AltCoin Mining (CPU, GPU & ASIC) Computer Stuff - Built whole systems from scratch. - Bought whole systems from scratch. - Pretty proficient in just about any environment (sorry Amiga). - Set-up networks from co-ax through wireless, in pretty much every flavor, from 2 to 200 machines. General Construction - Project Estimation and Management - Office Management - CAD Development/Design - Basic Accounting - Carpentry - Masonry - Roofing - Interior and Exterior Finishes - Basic Electrical - Basic Plumbing Silk Screening - Whole nine yards, from design through emulsion to screening by hand. Web Design - HTML - CSS/CSS3 - jQuery - PHP - SQL - Everything else that goes with that Other Stuff - Python/Shell scripting for server Maintanence and Monitoring - OSX Server Administration/Development - Silverlight Styling and Customization - SharePoint Styling and Customization - InfoPath Styling and Customization - Joomla Customization and Administration Coffee (I Love Coffee!) - Barista - Shop Owner / Manager - Killer Cappuccinos & Lattes (and the famous "Bean Shot!") - Picked Coffee by hand on the slopes of the Big Island (Kona). Got to learn the entire process from harvesting to roasting. (I love coffee.) Specialties: bitcoin, photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator, rhinocerous3d, cinema 4d, 3dsmax, *nix, windows, osx, python, office, silverlight, sharepoint, infopath, open office, excellence, problem solving, overcoming the impossible, changing the world