Eddy Shon


Looking for Senior Position in Mechanical Engineering /Project Management fields. MBA with technical background in telecomm, aerospace and consumer electronics industries with competitive advantages in Asia Pacific market (Chinese / Mandarin speaking). -Strong analytical skills, ability to think strategically backed by SWOT and financial analysis, while driving tactical program execution to maximize company profits and ROI through decision modeling and cost reduction. -Project management on delivery schedule, resource capacity and supply planning. -Worked with domestic and overseas OEM /ODM contract manufacturers to resolve technical and operation issues during all phases of development and product life cycle. -Used engineering expertise and business acumen as bargaining power to negotiate and execute better part costs for supply chain logistic. -Drove quality improving plan and corrective actions with suppliers to resolve technical and quality issues and presented improved quality level to customers. -Expertise on CAD / CAE analysis and simulation, performing metal, sheet metal and plastic parts and enclosures designs for electro-mechanical packaging, (Pro-E, Wildfire, SolidWorks), Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), Thermal Analysis, Electronic Cooling and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD, Flotherm, EMI). -Experienced in ANSI Y14.5 GD&T and DOT, MIL, FAA, NEBS standards. Specialties: Cost Reduction, OEM /ODM, Cost negotiation, Project Management, Pro/E, Wildfire, Solid Work, AutoCad, Computational Fluid Dynamic, CFD, Flotherm, Thermal Management, Electronic Cooling, EMI / RFI, Finite Element Analysis, FEA, MS-Project, Chinese, Mandarin, Plastics, Sheet Metal, Pneumatics, Fuel Cell, Thermal Management, Quality Assurance, Capital Budgeting, Financial Analysis.