Jack Anton


I recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Where I participated competitively in the sport of tennis in school in the NAIA Division as well as pro circuit events in my time away from school and have extensive experience training and coaching with many well-known and knowledgeable coaches. I will be starting my Masters of Science in Sports Management at University of East London in September 2014. My completion of my BFA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design has fully equipped me with all the necessary skills and knowledge, including time management, working under pressure, and leadership skills. Equally beneficial for me is the role of being Captain/Co-Captain of my college team for 3 years. Being a student-athlete has prepared me to understand the sacrifices and responsibility entailed with handing 2 or more, high paced things at once. Furthermore, my job at Duke University doing the Nike Summer Camp has given me extensive knowledge and experience about coaching style, how to handle students, and organizational skills. I am very enthusiastic, reliable, organized and hardworking. My motivation, great sense of humor and positive outlook enable me to relate to people of all ages, and I often prove to be a great role model for young athletes and my peers. I have competed worldwide and played 4 years on a college team where I served as Captain/Co-Captain and role model to my teammates. My personal website is www.jackantondesign.com