Natalie So


I believe that stories have the power to transform culture and define how we live. They weave together the threads of community, inspire change, bring people together, and help us understand our own humanity. By day, I write, photograph, copy-edit, and manage content, but I live to tell stories that traverse mediums or trades. I am passionate about bridging the visual and the written, exploring the nuances, tics, behaviors, and consciousness of both individuals and our society at large. Because I have a background in photography and production, I value visual messaging and the strength of word+image intersections. With experience leading an entire content team at a fast-growing tech company, I have a clear understanding of the business and branding side of content messaging and production. My stake in both the freelance and corporate worlds has developed a holistic perspective on crafting compelling stories in a digital age where design, technology, and audience are vital. Website: // Photography: // Blog: Specialties: Languages: fluency in Mandarin and Spanish, conversational skills in Cantonese and Italian