Mindi Sue Black


•Develop and execute marketing initiatives according to project/client needs •Create timelines and rollouts to achieve desired results •Liaison between client and relevant partners •Use traditional marketing tools in conjunction with new technology to create awareness for clients and overall objectives •Negotiate deal terms, partnerships, letters of intent with vendors •Position, strategize and brand vision of project •Identify industry trends and competition •Market saturation/spot touring •Direct and support radio promotion campaigns with calls, numbers, updates •Cross promotional and third party tie-ins •Conceptualize and direct online marketing efforts with e-card promotions, newsletter updates, online contests •Outline publicity outreach with relevant targets for dailies, weeklies, long lead publications, bloggers, features, items, calendar announcements and all related media rollout •Identify relevant ad spots, updating of web content, electronic press kits and marketing collateral •Set up appearance/interviews/signings and everything relating to specific events including travel, hotel, transportation rate negotiation •Provide clear and constant communication to client to insure consistency of reaching goals/deadlines and expectations from project/client •Music and product placement opportunities •Project budgeting •Troubleshoot issues and come up with effective solutions •Generate and brainstorm ideas for project/client