Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

Optimization Specialist

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I am a young professional working in the digital media landscape. I find satisfaction in working with others in a fast paced environment producing noticeable results on the projects and people around me. I am a driven, analytical, person that works well under pressure. I have developed strong communication skills to effectively portray ideas and solutions in a group setting. From various experiences I have developed leadership and management skills to alleviate conflict and solve problems.

I understand the role of data in decision making and how crucial relationships are to conducting business. Using data and collaborating with others I can effectively create and surpass marketing and business objectives. I take pride in my work and strive to make meaningful actions across various digital channels that will improve my clients performance and reach the right audience.

I find the experiences I have had when in a foreign place are some of the most lasting impressions on my life and why I have developed such a passion for travel. Some of my other interests include enjoying the outdoors, snowboarding, listening to music, reading, playing hockey, and bicycling.