Matthew Peters


With over 8 years of experience, Matthew has participated in many different fields of business including, marketing, administrative assistance, logistics, graphic design, operations, merchandising, customer service, volunteer work and administrative assistance. Matthew served as a marketing specialist with Dedicated Sound and Audio, handling, from start to finish a variety of marketing promotions. He also works in logistics and operations and is responsible for all domestic and international shipments as well as operational efficiency. His accomplishments include: - cutting the cost of the Company's overall product by $15 through negotiation and ongoing B2B (vendor) relationships - reducing the production rate by 10 minutes through a more streamlined manufacturing process - increasing the “likes” on the Company Facebook page by more than 3,000. It is also his responsibility to create blogs, press releases, website content/graphics, presentations (white papers, PowerPoints) for sales associates as well as manage multiple projects across various platforms.