Martin Graham


I graduated with a Master's in Engineering in the field of Sports Engineering with a Merit award. Our Masters degree let us work with companies to design solutions to real world problems, while also carrying out our own projects. I hope to take this forward into my career after University, and design sporting equipment/apparel to help athletes perform better in their chosen sport. Having completed 3 months of training in footwear development and production with Apache Footwear, one of adidas' best factories in China, I have now been accepted to study Apparel Design and Merchandising at Colorado State University from Fall 2015. I am excited to work with CSU in enhancing my knowledge of the Sporting Goods industry, and help grow me to be a more desirable employee for International Companies. In the meantime, I have just commenced a 6 month internship with adidas, working as a Product Developer in the Originals footwear range. This will give me more experience of the footwear industry, where I will be helping to create future articles in a Project Manager role, while also being a central contact for Innovation projects with the factories.