Nicole Stevens


I am constantly trying to capture the raw, candid moments in life whether it be through my photography, writing or design. I believe that it is in those moments that life transforms into art. Art is very unique in that it has the ability to evoke many feelings, such as nostalgia or hope or it can spark an innovative idea or bring you back to a particular moment in life. Art brings something special to the world of marketing and that’s something I am truly passionate about exploring. They go hand in hand. Although I may be the one behind the screen, it is my job to help your voice and vision come alive, ignite customer interest, and help build your brand.

When I photograph and design, I feel like I am holding a piece of the universe in my hands. Capturing timeless moments and narrating this life from the comfort of my own two feet, held with an open mind and eyes wide. I love creating, innovating on marketing strategies, diving into color theory, and aspire to make your ideas stand out and inspire. Creative. Intuitive. Efficient. If your business is looking for creative consulting, graphic design, fresh photography, mailers, brand and layout design, or anything else that swims in the same pool, I can help your brand shine beyond its surroundings.