Nicola Iacovetti


Nic Iacovetti has over twenty year’s experience in digital and traditional art, In addition to his independent work, he has held staff positions with interactive game companies, a fine art studio, a church, and a marketing firm. His LLC is Signature Studio, LLC. WORK EXPERIENCE Freelance illustrator Product Design: Illustration, design and layout for game packaging; product packaging and printed marketing materials Environmental Illustration: Digital rendering and layouts of backgrounds for interactive games Character Design: Design, development, and rendering of characters for marketing materials and packaging Pencil Illustration: Conceptual and finished artwork Oil Painting: Painting of original and studio compositions; reproduction of classical paintings FREELANCE CLIENTS Producto Studios Knowledge Adventure Ball Design Group WayForward Technologies Bradley Grose Design Snap TV Midnight Oil Wescam/Troll Los Angeles Dodgers Reliance Marketing Vortex Productions Applause, Inc. Creative Energy Resource Harper Films PREVIOUS STAFF POSITIONS The Sanctuary Church Knowledge Adventure Reliance Marketing Western Technologies Sidewalk Studios Jacques Harvey Studios