Jenay Tally


I am a self starter and aspiring entrepreneur. For every leader knows how to follow, the goal is to learn as much as I can from other professionals and apply that to my own career. I am currently in my last year at DePaul, where not only am I obtaining a degree in Public Relations but I am also forging through life experience at an accelerated paste. I spent my second last year of school traveling, living in both New York and LA with numerous destinations in between all while in school full time. Now I am back in Chicago to finish my degree and jumpstart my career as a publicist. In the midst of finding a job that I love, I am currently completing passion projects that peak my interests, such as co managing Raven Sorvino a female rap artist from Houston TX by the way of Los Angeles, CA. I am also the founder of FlyFasho, an underground arts blog dedicated to under ground artists of all avenues, music, art, and fashion. If you know any one in the Chicago area that does video work I am looking for someone to accompany to interviews and obtain b roll from the best hip hop shows in the city.