Kurt Kamin


Co-founded and acted in capacity of President for the University of Iowa Greater China Business Association. Coordinated and oversaw all GCBA events, helping earn the group an award for outstanding new Tippie organization in 2011. Traveled to China three times--studied language on scholarship in Tianjin 2008; engaged in independent teaching and travel in 2010; and traveled and translated for fellow UI peers in 2012. Acting as a Regional Sales Representative for Boyd Ag., LLC late 2011 developed and honed professional abilities, as well as fostering a stronger understanding of agribusiness and sales. Following assignment as Program Manager for Eastek International, an American contract manufacturer, the fourth tour in China continues with a hands-on focus on local business. Presently managing the Wisheye Changsha location, a visual training center in Hunan, China. Wisheye utilizes groundbreaking 3D technology and time-tested eye conditioning for children and young adults.