David Ardila


At The Knoke Group I am a sharp associate. My assorted set of skills bring on responsibilities such as client care, IT improvements, and project management. Getting to know clients is my careers greatest benefits. I always have had a personal interest in the health and happiness of the clients I work for. At work I am enthusiastic to bring on new projects to better the practice. I enjoy staying updated on information systems and programs that can improve office procedures. I offer added value for clients that provides a better service. When we understand how we can help clients, we understand how to benefit our relationship with them. My life is very exciting! In my personal time I enjoy going on adventures. Friends are always invited when we go exploring. I enjoy taking photos of the places we find and posting them to my Instagram account. I share my experiences with clients and friends. Many can relate our adventure and discovery. For those who do not relate, I hope to inspire them to find an adventure that they always wanted to chase.