Christopher Borst


I am a well rounded, determined individual. I like to learn and then take the lead in any group setting. I have played baseball my entire life and always apply the work ethic I learned in this sport into real world settings. Upon graduating from college, I started my own online marketing company with a goal to help out small to medium sized businesses. I have the pleasure of helping a couple family owned business try to use technology to their advantage and continuously grow. My goal is to push these companies to the top of their respective industries. In order to accomplish such goals, there needs to be an unceasing pursuit of knowledge on my end. I have experience with social media marketing, Google analytics, and Google ad words, but that is not enough. To better help out my current, and future, clients, I am in the process of becoming a Google Partner. This will make me a Google trusted advertiser. This alone will tremendously help me in my goal to assist in the growth of small to medium sized businesses. In the short life of my company, there have been many struggles, and I know there are many more ahead. With the right attitude, and a strong work ethic, I believe my clients will see growth that they always dreamed of.