Maggie Goodman


An ambitious, reliable, and enthusiastic Technical Designer with experience in creating styles from initial concept to final production. Extremely detail oriented with a sense of urgency to always meet deadlines and strong a desire to help execute the designer’s vision. Excellent communication skills in collaborating with other departments and highly motivated to increase the overall success of the company. SKILLS AND ABILITIES * Professional CAD technical sketching capabilities using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. * Experienced in spec package creation, including measurement points and costing capabilities * Ability to facilitate fittings and create comments to correct issues and adjust fit of each garment. * Excellent pattern making and draping capabilities. * Hands-on involvement in creating entire collections from design through production. * Constant enthusiasm in researching current trends involving fabrics, colors, and silhouettes. * Sewing experience on industry single needle, coverstitch, and overlock machines. * Thorough knowledge of SAP and YuniquePLM by Gerber Technology. * Master of Microsoft Office Suite and a quick learner for programs such as InDesign and PDM. * Expert familiarity using both PC and MAC computers.