Morgan Marzulli


Inspired by curiosities in life, my work is based around strange unpredictability. From a variety of process explorations, my work has become a human attempt to harness the beauty, mystery of nature, and unpredictability of nature, as well as its cycle of decay. I am exhilarated by nature’s beauty and the vivid colors found within. My hope for my work is to inspire and cultivate a greater sense of mystery and possibility in our experience of the world. Through textile exploration, I seek to create a visual dialogue for exploring these ideas. Morgan Marzulli is a textile artist from Philadelphia. While earning her BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design she discovered the possibilities of textile design. Morgan’s passion for material and process exploration combined with detailed hand-work is a major inspiration for her pieces. It is through the combination of stitch, fabric, and hue that Morgan is able to create complex, intricate, and attention grabbing pieces.