Jeff Moriarty


Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with a concentration in General Management along with a Minor in Professional Communications, I hope to find myself with a company that fits my values, applicable skills and experience. Living on campus I've found an enormous importance in networking with my professional advisors and peers. Working through college at Waterville Valley Resort I've built strong competencies in training employees, allocating and organizing resources with sister departments. I have also assisted industry competitors such as Vans, Oakley, Volcom and Burton with event operations. Having exposure to small business marketing, finance and strategic management gives me a competitive edge in analyzing a multitude of business and economic factors that influence an organization's present and future direction. Currently interning at Alpine Lakes Real Estate I'm gaining experience with social media and MLS formatted marketing, interpersonal relations, insight into real estate investment, contract & agency law, appraisal and opinion value as well as architectural design building services offered through Cargill Construction Co. whom owns Alpine Lakes.