Violet Rieger


• Perform advanced operational functions for the Clinical Services Operations. • Work directly with the COO on system design and improvement processes. • Facilitate business relationships with funding agencies and potential new business sources. • Review and track all budget data, ensure accuracy at the program level as well as PFM, billing processes and contract compliance. Ensure appropriate charges to budget line items. • Review monthly budget projections prepared by PFM, analyze cost data and projections and adjust projections in timely manner. • Develop individual program budgets from contract and RFP/RFQ requirements. • Recommend and facilitate action as necessary to correct financial irregularities. • Create templates and spreadsheets as necessary to facilitate data collection and accurate data presentation. • Directly supervise Regional Coordinator staff with varying regional nuances and county requirements, as well as assist with Housing Manager demands therein. • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the social service business and an ability to execute as necessary to accomplish business objectives. • Ensures all critical deadlines for contract compliance are met. • Develops and implements policies and procedures as necessary to ensure efficient functioning of operations. • Prepares management level reports as needed to demonstrate progress towards contract and financial goals i.e. Operations Dashboard and Housing Dashboard.