Alexander Frank


My name is Alexander Frank. My goal is to be the best I can be in my field of work. I am constantly working to build my skill set to earn a professional and sought after title in the Design world. Because of my passion for my profession, I have never looked at design as work, but rather something I can enjoy for a lifetime. There are too many different outcomes for a single project to count. Since thats the case, I believe that there really is no wrong design; that certain designs will sometimes fit better than others in that moment and thats exactly why I love what I do; the boundless opportunities the creative world has. Every design has its own time and place and it is my job to discover and create which one is best. As much as I love designing, I also love the life that I have outside of the office. I love experiencing new destinations, activity locations, and experiences that give me an adrenaline rush like cage diving in the bahamas, backpacking the backcountry of yosemite, and the occasional trip to Las Vegas. You can always find me out on the town!