Dan Sun

Dan Sun

Sourcing, Development, Purchasing, production
Location: williamsburg VA
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I am a first-year MBA student of Mason School of Business at College of William & Mary. My concentration is Supply Chain Management and International Operation.

I am looking for an internship in Supply Chain Management. My successful background in the Apparel/Retail vertical includes all aspects of sourcing including: product development, SMS order, merchandising, production, shipment and tracking. I would like to use my experience and expertise to help drive Supply Chain Solutions to your Company

Before studying in Business School, I have spent 9 nine years working on development, purchasing and production for international top brands in garment industry in China. My successful background in Apparel and Retail vertical includes all aspects of soucing: Product Development, Merchandising, SMS Order (Sample Development), Production, Shipment and Tracking. Some of my special skills include: inventory management, eCommerce, and risk evaluation

I worked with Armani and Hugo boss, to help them develop new products and also effectively control the production process and quality.My daily work included three parts: First, development for new seasons,

I also participated in establishment of our company's private brands in Chinese domestic market, contributing to the company's strategy of created-in China.

I love the development work, I always feel the sense of achievement when we make the designers’ ideas and concept thinking into real production and real sales. I am passionate about these creative experience.

In this winter break, I am working on the internship in the tourism team of Mecklenburg conty, Viginia. I benefited a lot from this internship and learned how a small town promoted its tourism and how the American local government run. I also shared my experience, understanding and mentality of Chinese travelers and tried to figure out how to introduce this beautiful town to Chinese travelers and attract them to travel here.

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  • I like cooking and enjoy inviting friends to share my creation of featured cuisine. For me
  • cooking is kind of development and I am passionate about the artistic and creative experience
  • willing to share this passion with friends.
  • no sports
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