Tim O'Grady


Areas of expertise: - Additive manufacturing operation (3D printing) - High degree of proficiency in additive manufacturing (AM) systems, able to operate and maintain additive manufacturing systems, evaluate files to meet build parameters as necessary and finish parts as needed. - Highly proficient in the following 3d printing methods: Stereolithography (SLA), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Laser-CUSING & Multi-Jet Printing (MJP). - Experienced with the following 3D printing systems: Stratasys Fortus 250, 400, 3D Systems Projet 3500, 7000, EOS M280 & Form Labs Form1. - Proficient with Solidworks, SketchUp and AutoCAD. - Active US Military Security clearance, expires 12/2023. - Experience with Laser Cutting, G-code and CNC technology. Comfortable with workshop tools and safety procedures. - Advanced composites lay-up and fabrication - prep tooling, cut pre-preg or dry fabric per engineering drawings or instructions, lay-up onto tooling, vacuum bag, run autoclave and oven cure, and demold parts. Trim and drill molded plastic and composite parts to engineering drawings using hand and machine tools. - Bonding and molding - prepare bond surfaces, perform bonding operations for assemblies. Prepare models, add necessary features or details, build molds, and mold parts. - Equipment/shop maintenance - conduct regular maintenance on process equipment and tools, maintain clean work space, see that shop cleanliness and organization is maintained, maintain stock of supplies and materials, follow appropriate safety procedures. Able to manage resources and equipment in a shop environment. Able to work on tight deadlines and multiple projects in team and individual based environments. - Heavy Equipment Operator - Experience operating the following: hydraulic excavators, 4k, 6k and 12k forklifts, front end loaders, road graders, MTVR tractor trailer, bulldozer and backhoe.