Ja Nell Jackson


I am Highly motivated, ambitious and fashion savvy. With me I bring fearlessness, devotion, artistic and creative skills to break boundaries. I would like to continue broadening my knowledge in all aspects of fashion. I believe that having a true passion for fashion is imperative, for it takes a truly driven and ambitious person that always gives 110% in their work to end each day positive, with honorable results. I'm a leader and am constantly researching ways to improve and spread all pertaining knowledge to those working with and around me. I have profound loyalty to my employers and fellow co-workers, with shared passion for fashion. I've learned a lot over the past few years of merchandising As a merchandiser you have to be quick, constantly researching, know you customer better than anyone because your selling to them visually and never compete with your team because your weakness may be their strength. I enjoy the constant change in merchandising, being able to create new looks with the forever changing merchandise and creating these attention grabbing displays and looks for mannequins that keeps the customer interested.