Bill Curtis


I build companies and teams and help them achieve their growth and expansion objectives. I am an experienced business professional that specializes in innovation, systems, and consistency to drive sales growth and increased market share. I create organic growth, increase net profits, create valuable partnerships and maximize stakeholder and shareholder value. As CEO and co-founder of two different startups, I caused both to grow into multi-million dollar, multi-state companies. Each company had more than 100 remote team members who were trained in our proven systems and processes and almost always exceeded quota. I developed sales and marketing plans, created key partnerships, and managed critical vendor relationships to enable our growth. Under my leadership both companies thrived and achieved annual sales revenues of ~$30MM in less than 4 years. Because I have worked hard to achieve success in the various roles of my career (sales, operations, marketing, c-level, etc.), I have a unique ability to understand the big picture and overcome the biggest and most complex business challenges and obstacles to growth. At the same time I also recognize the importance of being consistently great when it comes executing on the little things. I love to apply technology and innovation to increase sales, gain efficiencies, maximize resources, and to increase ROI. My professional fulfillment is derived from helping individuals and teams to overcome the obstacles they face, and to help them achieve their primary objectives. I love to train, coach and mentor. I am a customer centric innovator, and enjoy fulfilling the needs of both external and internal customers. I am eager to discuss your needs, to understand your growth objectives, and ready to start producing results for you and your team. I will help you take your business to the next level! Connect with me here, or contact me directly at [email protected] or 801-347-9000. I look forward to knowing you.