Nuttawan Kraikhajornkiti


After being absorbed in so many wonderful cultures and meeting so many beautiful human beings from around the world in both Thailand and the United States, my desire for growth in both professional and personal has now led me to work at C&A in Germany.

At Aerie, I was part of the whole design process, from conceptual, research, sketching, raw material development, fitting, and production stage to the final product for multiple deliveries simultaneously. I worked with our production team, tech team, prints team and merchant team to meet the target margin and IMU and delivered the right product at the right time.

Years ago my Two-Dimensional Design professor at Savannah College of Art and Design saw my design assignments and immediately said that I’m an obsessive yet lighthearted person and I completely agree. I put my best effort into everything that I do and never forget to have fun during the process. I'm a hardworking, detail-oriented, passionate, and considerate designer. My focus in school was women’s ready-to-wear and childrenswear. My life after school has led me to swimwear designer, dresses designer and bra designer. I love new challenges. I love to learn. I never want to stop learning.

*Collection Development
*Pattern Making
*On-product Marketing
*Trims & Raw Material Development
*Pads Development

*Adobe Illustrator
*Adobe Photoshop
*Adobe InDesign
*Adobe ImageReady