Christina Tehrani


Currently I have the privilege of providing high school English students with a fun and technology based learning experience in West Covina. I come with five years experience in the classroom from schools in LAUSD as well as PUSD. I have a MA in Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University. Previously I have taught 9th and 10th grade English, ESL reading and writing, and EL classes in multiple levels. My extensive background in customer service and sales in men's fashion with Nordstrom have become a hobby as well as second career as I have balanced both jobs during busy seasons. That being said, I have worked for Nordstrom on and off for over twelve years as I always like to keep busy when I'm not teaching. I am currently open to new opportunities in either outside sales, perhaps dealing with education. Additionally, I am also open to meeting new challenges in or outside the classroom using my educational technology background as a spring board for secondary or post secondary education.