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Jonathan McDowell

Visual Merchandiser

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Re: Visual Merchandiser Dear Sir or Madam, Please accept the attached copy of my résumé in consideration of a Visual Merchandiser position, for which I believe I am well suited. I am particularly interested in this opportunity as it mirrors my goals and skills refined over the last nine years. I believe I possess the qualifications necessary to make an immediate and positive contribution to your organization. As illustrated by my résumé, I possess demonstrated creative flair and technical acumen with a strong record of accomplishment. My expertise focuses on visual merchandising and product showcasing encompassing floor planning, floor set design and installation, overall store and theme conceptualization, window and interior vignette creation, special event logistics, strategic planning and flawless execution...all in the interest of driving revenue, enhancing the brand, and building customer satisfaction and retention. As an infomercial sells a product through visual impact and persuades consumers to make a seemingly informed decision motivated by "must-have" consumer psychology, similarly visual merchandising relies on psychology and repetitive visual/mental stimulation to create a sense of comfort, aesthetic and aspiration appeal. In my prior positions, I have leveraged that ability to improve my clients' position in the marketplace and consequential business traffic and revenue growth. It has been my privilege to earn the respect of my employers in recognition of my commitment and investment in my profession. Witness to that sentiment is a quote from the Visual Merchandising Manager at American Girl Place...”Jonathan has the ability to create magical visuals that showcase the whimsy of our product and brand.” At this juncture in my career, I realize my present position inhibits my merchandising abilities and hampers my efforts to apply the full extent of my technical skills and creative flair due to a limited corporate perspective. Consequently, I am seeking a new opportunity that will encourage creativity and demand the most of my talent. I look forward to discussing how my qualifications meet your expectations and the position requirements, and sharing my portfolio with you. Until then, thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Jonathan McDowell