Britt Rogers


I attended and graduated from Belmont University with a bachelor of science in Audio Engineering Technology with a minor in Music Business, Production Emphasis. In my time there I worked for the live sound department and school of music for two and a half years, and gained quite a bit of knowledge in the sound reinforcement industry. I also spent a large amount of my time in Oceanway Nashville working on freelance recording projects for clients as well as school projects. I feel that I have a great amount of skill both in studio and live sound, and I am always eager and willing to learn from more experienced mentors or employers. I interned at Last Dollar Studio for nine months while in school. This helped me get useful hands on experience with commercial clients, publishing companies, and record labels in town. As far as my career goals, I love being involved in the music industry because it is constantly changing and growing in new ways. Music has always been a passion of mine, and helping studios, artists, and labels spread music to the consumer is something I'm passionate about. I'd love to work in the production field using my skills and talents. I have a keen ear, interest in recording and mixing techniques, and also a love for working with clients who desire to share their talents through recording.