Kimmy Le


I have four years experience in Creative and Marketing as a freelance graphic designer, lifestyle photography and writer in the action sports industry. My most recent positions at Folklore and Reef allow me to work with not only creative and marketing; but also sales, apparel and product development. I met regularly with these other departments while assisting with photo studio preparation, catalog design and production, in-store retail requests, PR events, photoshoot preparation, and eComm asset-updates.

However, I am looking to expand my skills and pursue a career as a Project or Marketing Coordinator. I believe my experience has given me the benefit of successfully multitasking hands-on and communicating with various departments.

I am very open-minded, organized and attentive to detail; I am an outgoing individual, extremely well-balanced with workload, and time-management. Most importantly, I am a hands-on coworker and artist, willing to go as far as I can to create the best possible, solution.