Thomas Berube


With seventeen years of experience in the graphic arts industry I've become to love more my role as a graphic designer. With having an artistic background I bring ideas to life on screen as well as on paper. With this experience I've given companies a new look of today. With Adobe on my side as my tool of my trade I can take anything in front of me and give it the life it needs. With my knowledge I've also brought new ways to save money for companies by not having to outsource to more expensive services. I have the knowledge to complete each project from beginning to end from print to web and editing photos. Through the years I've also adopted into photography. Instead of sending products out for photo shoots I've brought in my own studio to take those product shots that would have cost thousands and achieved the same results which my customers were please to see on print and in their wallets. I've did photo shoots for wedding to proms even car shows.