Omeed Roshandel


The Smokers Club, Pro Era (Joey Bada$$) and Big Krit – New York I was hired as Brand Management and Online Store Management for all three brands. Responsibilities for this position included: • Project Manager • All overall online activities (packaging, shipping, order tracking, invoices) • Hiring, training and managing new interns • Website pricing & merchandizing • Scheduled and Overlooked photo shoot for products • PayPal management • Office/Warehouse Management • Inventory and Supplier Management • Usage of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Ecko Unltd. – Initially was hired as a personal assistant to Jonny Shipes (Jonathan Shapiro). Rapidly I assumed additional responsibilities for Brand marketing including pre sales distribution and raw material procurement, involved in new product approval process, and store distribution and collaboration with other brands. Also involved in improving retail stores overall appearance and look for better sales. Other daily task was general office management main purpose was product placement and exposing the overall brand. Goals - I am currently looking for a position to enhance and expand on my experience with the street wear industry today and overall looking to bring my skills to the table to make street wear a consistent and relevant part of the fashion industry.