Nick McNaughton

Nick McNaughton

Video Producer
Currently: Owner, Producer/Director at Dark Horse Visuals
Location: Colorado Springs CO
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I live for my work and storytelling is my world. For over a decade I have led teams around the world exploring new ways to meet people and share their experiences through a visual medium. My past work spans the full spectrum of video productions from feature stories on NFL players to expedition documentaries and field productions on four different continents.

Two years ago I began doing some freelance work shooting documentaries and commercials on topics that were near and dear to my heart: one about an NFL player, another on a legendary local fisherman and last but not least, a local microbrewery that was serving some of my favorite beer, to name a few. I came to the realization that while I was forever in debt to the Air Force for the opportunity to grow as a storyteller, travel the world and take part in experiences that most people only dream of; I was ready to move on and pursue a career on the civilian side with the same passion and vigor that kept me excited to go to work every day for almost a decade.

My coworkers and clients know that I embrace every aspect of the creative process. I approach each story as a piece of work that must be curated and crafted with a heart and vision all of its own. The process is never the story; the story is the people, their passion and the path they choose on this journey called life.

I am currently seeking work as a Video Producer and would love to hear about any opportunities to collaborate and create. Feel free to email me at

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  • Film Making and video production
  • documentaries
  • photography
  • sports
  • cooking
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Surfing
  • Wakeboarding
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Global Retail Concepts Planning & Operations Lead  
Marketing Manager  
Internet Marketing Manager  
Marketing & Communications Manager at Simbi USA INC.  
Video Producer  
Founder & CEO at Rad Season  
Investor, Private Label, and Product Development  
Production & Media Manager