Jim Wolak


I just moved to Poway, CA in San Diego and I am looking for full time work in Videography/Editing. I am very skilled in digital media and I have a lot of experience through internships and class projects. I spent my last semester of school in Los Angeles working for MotoManTV as assistant camera/editor. You can check out the channel below. I even got to shoot and edit a couple of episodes all by myself. https://www.youtube.com/user/MotoManTV I am also working on a passion project of mine. It’s a short documentary about the fan-driven effort to keep the Chargers in San Diego. We plan on releasing 15-minute video at the end of May. You can see a quick promo we made by clicking here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDh67LE61oI&fb_action_ids=10152768087966850&fb_action_types=og.shares&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=[926070057445036]&action_type_map=[%22og.shares%22]&action_ref_map=[] I have so many other projects I could show you that prove my skills as a videographer, but I'd rather prove it to you in person if given the opportunity to work for you. I’m also great with social media campaigning because I produced multiple senior project films where we even raised over 10,000 dollars in funds through Kickstarter and other sites. When I’m assigned tasks, I am fully dedicated to getting it done and doing it right. I love coming up with creative ways reach an audience, so this position sounds like the perfect fit for me.