Scott Ostroff


Hello, I'm Scott Ostroff. I am a recent graduate of Towson University with a BS in mass communications. Through my time both in and out of Towson, I have studied and practiced post-production, using my unique view and conceptual ideas about editing and media to progress, along with my natural creative ability that has aided me throughout my career as an editor. I find the true greatness and beauty in a piece of film every time I see one, discovering the big idea of an ad, a film’s originality, or a highlight reel’s power to catch the viewer’s eye. I have advanced experience with Avid, Final Cut, After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Illustrator. I also have ample professional experience with almost every type of studio camera, videoboard camera, and handheld. I also have advanced experience in production including set build up and break down, logging, lighting, and filming. I am hardworking, energetic, goal oriented, and ready to take on leadership responsibility. I Currently intern for Renegade Communications, where I come up with unique and creative ideas for the post-production department, and occasionally for production as well. Interning has proved to be an incredible opportunity, that has not only prepared me for the real world, but has even put me in the position for real world deadlines and atmospheres.