Drew Downing


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT • Ability to implement new social media strategy or enhance existing organization’s social media platforms through step-by-step, metric based digital marketing process that customizes to organizational needs and industry trends • Help maximize marketing efforts by tying in social media operations into larger communication/marketing efforts, work with individual departments to help create customized content and ensure social media activity is properly incorporated into organizational strategic plan • Utilize various social media monitoring applications, such as Hootsuite, GeoChrip and TwitterFall, in order to identify customer trends, spot industry patterns and reply to customer feedback in a timely manner • Maximize reach of social media posts by incorporating a diverse range of content, including images, video and curated content • Perform targeted customer/industry research to be incorporated into social media operations, such as highest social media “traffic times” and consumer habits • Knowledgeable of key social media metrics, such as mentions, sentiment, reach, exposure and engagement, in order to gain better understanding of current digital footprint and to drive future social media operations • Engage customers by pairing pre-crafted messages and replying to feedback where appropriate while driving customers into desired spaces by pairing visual content with organizational links • Manage time consistently by utilizing automated posting applications and customized posting calendars